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Water base suction plastic 8139(white glue)

(white glue)
This product is a two-component waterborne polyurethane emulsion, the synthesis process of the special use of foreign advanced technology; the activation temperature is moderate, high bonding strength, good sealing effect, fine particles, surface roughness, single component using heat effect is also very good. In line with the relevant requirements of the European standard EN71-3 heavy metals content and environmental protection products required by the EU Reach regulations 1907/2006/EC, phthalates, two formic acid.
Matrix: aqueous polyurethane emulsion.
Appearance: milky white uniform emulsion.
Viscosity: 250-550CPS (25 C).
Solid content: 50 + 2%.
PH value: 6.0-9.0
The peel strength is not less than 2Mpa

Activation temperature of adhesive film: 50-55 DEG C

Cross linking agent: isocyanate
Appearance: yellowish liquid
Viscosity: 200 + 50CPS (25 DEG C)

Solid content: 99%

Implementation standards:
1. suitable for PVC film and MDF, blockboard hot bonding;
2. for the paint free door, sliding door and other manufacturing industries; (not used for cabinet requirements - product);
3. suitable for 8mm thickness below MDF, 18S thickness below PVC film.
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